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April 16, 2019                   Limits                  Crew Limits                Double Digits

The boys from Davis Ca. Bill, Paul and Alex came back out with ISF for a refresher on the water seminar and to catch some fish.
Let ISF cut down on the Learning curve for you.  Thanks you guys now go get em!!!!


April 15, 2019                    Limits                  Crew Limits              Double Digits

Fourth Annual McQueen family trip was another one for the books.  First time Anglers Lisa and Jennifer proved that everyone gets it done with ISF’s Live bait drifting technique.  Thanks again and we will see you for in September for your Sacramento Metro Salmon trip!


April 14, 2019                   Limits                 Crew Limits               Double Digits

Last minute reschedule was ISF regulars Bill and Dave’s chance to get a bonus trip in before there scheduled trip.  It was a day of both Quality and quantity.  See you guys soon!!!


April 13, 2019                   Limits               Crew Limits              Double Digits

Greg and Dave returned once again to fish with ISF and brought along  Larry and Mikkel.  These guys have known one another for ever and you could tell as it was game on!!!!  Great job you guys see you all soon.


April 12, 2019                   Limits               Crew Limits

Heavy winds once again forced  us to fish are protected waters.  Great tree canopies and narrow river proved to be jut the ticket for ISF regulars Jimmy and Nick. And with new Fish Flops from Jim for us you just knew we where going to get it done!!!!
Thanks Jim and we will see you for your back to back trips Easter weekend.


April 11, 2019              Limits                Crew Limits                Double Digits

First time ISF clients Harry, David,Ronald And Michael came out and had a great time getting into the Striped Bass. They're hooked on ISF and they're coming back for our Fall/Winter  season. Thanks for fishing with us!!!


April 10, 2019                  Limits

Bill Golsby 6th annual birthday trip is in the books.  Berry, Jack and Myron joined Bill yet again for a great trip had by all.


April 9, 2019                             Limits                    Crew Limits               Double Digits

Wind! Wind! And more Wind! We don’t care, Gary Lyons and Donnie Bakunin both Elk Grove just put a beat down on some gooders today. They fought the wind and the fish for a nice grade for a high score of quality and quantity. Thanks you guys, see you in a couple weeks!!!


April 8, 2019              Limits             Crew Limits             Double Digits             All Fish CPR

Long long time client of 12 years Michael Noonan and Russ McMcallum fished with us yet again.  We can always stay relaxed when these two are onboard.  They Always catch fish anywhere anytime any day.  It’s just what they have always done.  See you two in a couple weeks!


April 7, 2019                    Limits                Crew Limits             Double Digits

ISF full time regulars Marty Powell and John Cole both of Winters CA.  Came out and did what they always do with ISF.  Put the beat down to them.  See you guys in a couple weeks.


April 6, 2019                  Limits              Crew Limits            Double Digits             Twin 20 pounders

Tim Bridges always brings along great guys to share in the ISF fishing experience. Mike,Mike and Dave came out and had a “Giant” day of catching.  They enjoyed Quality and quantity.  Thanks you guys!!!


April 5, 2019                      Limits                   Crew Limits            Double Digits

Dave Thompson and his merry men of Anglers Frank,John and John knocked the back of the fish in the rain.  Mr. Thompson will see you again in a couple weeks!!!!!


April 4, 2019            Limits               Crew Limits            Double Digits

Tim Alexander And Jeff Roberts both of Willow Berm marina came out for a little hit and run tactics. With quick limits they where on and off the boat in only a few hours.  So fast we couldn’t even take pictures!!! Tom we will see you in a couple weeks.


April 3, 2019                Limits                 Crew Limits            Double Digits

ISF Birthday trip for Sandy Auger. Doug her husband has been on many trips with ISF, but it was a first for his wife. I’m guessing I know what she wants next year.......ISF gift certificates are always available year round.  See you in a couple weeks Doug!


April 2, 2019                   Limits                   Crew Limits                Double Digits

Back on em big time! Jeff Wagner made yet another Spring trip with ISF. This time he brought back Benny Wilkins and Aleksandr.
Yep they put the boots to them again. Thanks again you guys and we will see you soon.


April 1, 2019

The guys from Fresno Ca. Joined us once again. Bill, Les, Kirk and Gary. The tuff fishing continued as a lot of fish where still not willing to feed. Once again the “Devil” fish eluded our group.

March 31, 2019                    Streak Ends

Boys from the Lair Joe,John,Chris and Curtis came out for plenty of laughs. Tuff fishing and a ton of fish that just wouldn’t bite. They did manage seven for some fish tacos.


March 30, 2019                    Limits                  Crew Limits             Double Digits

Mizuno seventh annual family fishing trip. Three generations on the water. Awesome to see these young kids grow up with ISF.


March 28, 2019                   Limits           Crew Limits             Double Digits

John and David Gould came out for there annual Spring Striper trip.  Great having you guys out once again!


March 27, 2019

Trip canceled due to weather.

March 26, 2019                 Limits            Crew Limits            Double Digits

Another great Birthday trip for Mr. Rand George. Leroy joined him and we all had a blast. That make 10 years in a row now with ISF.  Thank you!!!!


March 24, 2019                      LIMITS              CREW LIMITS             DOUBLE DIGITS

SF Angler YouTube sensation David Mann were joined by his dad Alex and fishing Buddy Sam Brainard to shoot a video for his YouTube channel.  We are guessing they got plenty of good footage.  It was our pleasure to fish such fine you Anglers.  With young men like these are fishing industry will be in good hands for a long time!!!


March 23, 2019             LIMITS CREW                  LIMITS               DOUBLE DIGITS

The boys from down South out of Madera Ca. Joined us for there annual Spring Striper trip. Brandon, Steve, Ryan and Doug are a blast to fish. Thanks you guys and we will see you guys for your Sacramento Metro Salmon trip in September!

March 22, 2019             LIMITS CREW            LIMITS                DOUBLE DIGITS

Jeff Wagner and Jim Meeks joined us for our fist Spring trip of 2019 and got into them good.
Thanks Jeff and we will see you on Monday!!!


March 15-19, 2019


Nov. 21st to Dec. 11th


Nov. 8 thru Nov. 20


Oct. 30 thru Nov. 7th


October 11-29, 2018 - LIMITS LIMITS LIMITS


Oct. 1-10, 2018  LIMITS   DOUBLE DIGITS


Sept. 15-30, 2018


MAY 22, 2018                         LIMITS

ISF regulars Doug Auger and Dave Pastrma brought along Bill Burr and James Volken for our last trip of our 2018 Spring Striper season.
Thank you everyone who came out with us.  THANK YOU!!!!!!


MAY 21, 2018                        LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

More ISF regulars brothers John and David Gould put on another epic trip together.  They have always just go it done!!!  Thanks you two and we will see you guys in the Fall!!!



MAY 20, 2018                        LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

One of the best trips ISF has ever done.  You see Philp Madtre of Folsom Ca. Has been coming by the ISF booth at the ISE show for years and has always wanted to come out with us.  We have as well always wanted to take him.  You see Philp had a stroke nine years ago.  His passion and love for fishing is something he has enjoyed his whole life.  Finally this year year long time friend Frank Ledesma of Hollister made it happen and booked a date at the ISE.  The pictures tell it all.  We hope to continue fishing Phil for many years to come and watch him fight his way back into better health.  He has made huge improvements over the years.  And we know he will only get better with time!!!!!


MAY 19, 2018                    LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

Tim Bridges of Roseville Ca. Has brought out many new ISF clients out with us in the Past.  This trip he brought out John Carpenter and son Justin of Lodi. It was Justin’s first ever guided Striper trip and went from Green horn to a stick in a coarse of one day.  CPR a 15lb and his limits in his first 15 minutes of the day.  His luck continued the rest of the day!!!  Thanks Tim for bringing out some more future ISF clients and we will see all of you again in the Fall!!!!


MAY 18, 2018                          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Limits in under an hour where the rule once again for these ISF regulars Marty Powell and John Cole both of Winters, Ca. These guys always get into them good and this day was no different. They're already on the books for two dates for our Fall/Winter Striper trips.
Thanks you guys!!!  Capt. Mike would like to thank Marty for giving him a little Britney Spears statue to take with him for his boat up at Captain Steves Fishing Lodge in Alaska.  Capt. Cant fish with out his deck dog.


MAY 17, 2018                     LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Long time client Nelson Money brought yet another great group of guys.  Trevor Jobson, Eric Brown and Robert Burnham.

“EPIC TRIP”... There words, not ours.  Thank you Nelson and we will see you for your Fall/Winter trips with us.


MAY 16, 2018                        LIMITS                     DOUBLE DIGITS

Dave Thompson returned with ISF for his second Spring trip of this year and brought along his son Dave Jr. “CC” and friends Greg Magness and John Brian.  Thanks you guys and we will see you in October for your Fall/Winter Trip.


MAY 15, 2018                              LIMITS

Rick Barla and Darrell Bradbury booked with ISF for the first time at the ISE show.  And we are pretty sure after a tuff day of fishing, but finding a way to get them there limits we will be seeing them again.  Thanks you two!


MAY 14, 2018                           LIMITS

John and Christina Keefhaver of Manteca could think of no better way to celebrate their wedding anniversary then to spend it with ISF.
Thanks you two!!!


May 13, 2018                         NO FISHING    Mothers Day

May 12, 2018                          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Drive Line Services B crew came out and did it once again with ISF.  Thank you Jim for letting us entertain your guys and we look forward to seeing them all again next year!!!


May 11, 2018                      LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

Long time client of ISF John Gould brought out his son Keegan and buddy Al Nichols for yet another great trip.  Thanks you guys and we will see you back in a few weeks.



May 10, 2018                                     LIMITS DOUBLE DIGITS

Limits still the rule.
Today we had some first time ISF clients onboard and they where not disappointed.  We would like to thank Luke, Matt, Sam and Bill for coming out with us.


May 9, 2018                          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)               DOUBLE DIGITS

“Deck Boss” Todds childhood friends Gary Lyons and Mike Hays and Marvin Hiebeet joined ISF yet again for another memorable trip.
Lots of memories made and memories talked about.  It’s what it’s all about!!!

May 8, 2018                           LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                    DOUBLE DIGITS

Ward Karns and Gary Morse have done a lot of fishing with a lot of outfitters..... Their comment? Simply the best fishing. Their words not ours.  That means a lot to us here at ISF. We work hard to provide the best fishing experience day  in and day out for all of our clients who come out with us. Thank you two so much for the kind words.


MAY 7, 2018                        LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

Les Normart and Kirk Lyman booked with ISF for the first time last Fall 2017 and fished with us twice that Fall.  This Spring season they brought out more family members Greg Normart and Ara F. Normart Jr.  Thanks you guys and we will see you all again this Fall.

MAY 6, 2018                  STREAK BROKEN.......

Our steak of Limits for all cam to a end this day.
Winds kept us pinned up and we where limited to wear we could work.  But these two couples of Austin and Kara Dumlao and Peter and Angela Reece made every opportunity count.  And came away with some nice fish.


MAY 5, 2018                              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Another Spring trip for Dan and Melinda Bledsaw.  Melinda’s dad Robert has joined us for the last couple trips and we are pretty sure he will continue to be part of this annual trip.  Thanks you guys!


MAY 4, 2018                            LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS

More ISF regulars who book with ISF at the ISE joined us yet again for a great day of catching.  Thank you to Rick,Basil, Paul and Larry.
See you guys in the Fall!

May 3, 2018                              LIMITS DOUBLE DIGITS

Shane a tenant of Korth’s Pirates’ Lair Marina was yet another neighbor of ISF that got on board with us. Good times had by all!


APRIL 30, 2018                         LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike Noonan and Steves last Spring trip of the year.  These two are May stats of the ISF fishing family and always YES always get it done.  And yes they did it again.  See you guys this Fall!!!!


APRIL 29, 2018                      LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

The return of the “A” team crew of Drive Line Services of West Sacramento. These get out with us once a year complaints of there company and always get it done. Let’s see what the “B” team can do in a couple weeks. Good times you guys!!!


APRIL 28, 2018                         LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

Yet another Muzino family trip in the books for 2018.  It has been our pleasure to watch these kids grow up Year  after year on “Miss Intimidator”. Making great memories for such a wonderful family. Thanks you guys and we will see you all next year.


April 27, 2018                      LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

Mark and Diane Clark returned with ISF yet again this spring.  This time they brought along  there friends Martin and Tina and just had a blast!  Thanks you guys and we will see you for our Fall/Winter Striper season.


APRIL 26, 2018                              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

What another great trip with ISF regulars Mike and Tolan. You just don’t realize the grade of fish today until you compare them to the size of these to big guys. Look how small “Deck Boss” Todd looks compared to these two. It was our first Gilly drifting trip of the Spring.
They will be on the menu from here on out until the end of the season.  Thanks again you guys.


APRIL 25, 2018                           LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                    TRIPLE DIGITS

Three generations of the McQueen family joined ISF for their annual Spring trip. It was biblical....

APRIL 24, 2018                          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)               DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF Heavy Hitters where back.  See you guys yet again in a couple weeks!!!




APRIL 23, 2018                         LIMITS (CPR) CREW LIMITS (CPR)                 DOUBLE DIGITS (CPR)

We see these two on the ISF fishing reports 12 times a year.  Mike Noonan and Russ McCallum.  It’s what they do!


APRIL 22, 2018                         LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                         DOUBLE DIGITS

New ISF clients that booked at the ISE to get on the books for our Spring Striper season.  The Sharp family of Redding Ca. Wes, Amanda and son Conner had to go through a lot of “ Sportys” in the morning before just wacked the “Gooders”.  Great job family!!!


APRIL 21, 2018                                LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

After the smoke cleared on the Delta from 4/20 we we’re back on em.  This group of guys Brandon, Ryan, Steven and Doug came by a half dozen times to the ISF booth at the ISE show in Sacramento before they finally put there money down to book with us.  I think we got them hooked on the ISF fishing experience.  See you all next ISE to book  your next annual Spring trip.

APRIL 20, 2018

Long time Friends of Capt. Mike that he hasn’t seen in 25 years had a lot of good times to talk about and a lot of catching up to do.
But the keepers eluded us. Do you think the date had anything to do with the bite????  Maybe the fish were in a haze.....
Great times you two!!!


APRIL 19, 2018                                  LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                       DOUBLE DIGITS

Just more ISF regulars getting there Spring trip in and getting it done.  Thanks again Gilbert, Paul, Mike and Marc.  Great job and we will see you for your trip with us in the Fall!!!



APRIL 18,2018                       LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

More ISF big game chasers Marty Powell And Russell Dommer both of Winters, Ca.  Do nothing but catch big fish, so that’s what they did again. See you boys in a couple weeks!!!!


April 17, 2018                                LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regular heavy hitters Doug, Dave, Luke and Greg Honed there skills once again and just knocked the back out of them like they always do.  Thanks you guys and we will see you in a couple weeks!!!


April 16, 2018                               LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Wind, Rain, Hail, Lighting and Thunder couldn’t keep these boys from getting the Job done!  Long time ISF regular Mr. Bob Parks of Winters Ca. Brought along his son and son in law and didn’t let bad weather get in the way of a great day on the Delta. Thanks you guys and we will see you in the Fall.


APRIL 15, 2018                            LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

The Ferro family was once again back on board “MISS INTIMIDATOR”.  We have watched Anderson just grow as a young man and a Angler over the last four years.  They always bring great karma and it shows.  Thanks you guys see you in November.


APRIL 14, 2018                                 LIMITS   (CREW LIMIT)            DOUBLE DIGITS

“DECK BOSS” Todd had a family book with us for the first time and they where not disappointed.  Danelle Tackett and her Dad Sam Huarte worked through a tuff day on the SJ that was tainted by someone who threw a banana peel into the water. We made the right move late in the day to save the day.  Like we always say it only takes one drift!!!!


APRIL 13, 2018                        LIMITS

Greg Pesta of Hayward, Ca. Booked the boat all to his self at the 2018 ISE show.  Remember with ISF every booked trip is a full charter. You book the boat it’s yours.


APRIL 12, 2018                       “WE FELL OF THE PEDALS”

Marco and Diann Clark have always had great trips catching fish with ISF.  So on this trip they brought along Thomas Davis.  Not to be on this day.  We ended up with only 3 Keepers and a bunch of “Sportys”.

April 11, 2018                      LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

“DECK BOSS” Todds childhood friend Gary Lyons of Elk Grove Ca. Brought along Ken Dyer and son Jack for yet another great Father son trip.  Jack took big fish honors with a nice 20lb plus fish CPR.  Thanks again you guys, and Gary we will see you in a couple weeks!!!!


APRIL 10, 2018                        LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

Our annual Birthday Trip for “Deck Boss” Todd and retired Delta fishing guide Bill Goolsbys Birthdays. Five years ago we started the tradition and it will be continued for years to come. Berry and Jack always join us for this annual event. Thanks you guys and see you next April 10th 2019!!!!!




APRIL 9, 2018                   LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                     DOUBLE DIGITS

Long long time fishing partners Way before ISF was even in Business.  Just fishing partners Eric Hornbecker and Paul Lee came out with us to see what we have created for our clients over the last eleven years.  I think we might have Impressed them.  Thanks you two and we will see you both again for our Fall/Winter Season.


APRIL 8, 2018                              LIMITS                       “PLEASE NO BANANAS”

Greg McCarthey booked with us at the ISE show.  We got em, but something just wasn’t right all day... Figured it out on the last drift of the day. Please no Bananas with ISF.  Thank you!


APRIL 7, 2018                            LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

Gary Pilkington was once again the high bidder for our donated trip for the 2017 CIFF dinner.  This was their second time with ISF and we will just let the pictures and smiles tell the story.



APRIL 6, 2018                         LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS

Jack Hoffman of Roseville Ca. Did his shopping and his home work before booking with ISF at the 2018 ISE show in Sacramento.
He brought both his son in laws James Lucas and Matthew Hardcastle for the trip.  They all agreed they made the right choice in ISF.
Thank you!!!  And we will see you guys for our Fall/Winter Stripers.


APRIL 5, 2018                   LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

First time ISF clients Dave Thompson, Josh Podesta, Jacob Bruner joined ISF regular Dave (The Stick) Postrma and just flat knocked it out of the park!!!  Great job you guys.



March 2, 2018                             LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS ALL FISH CPR

ISF regulars Michael Noonan and Russ McCallum joined us yet again for yet another “EPIC” day some clients just have that karma that puts em in the boat. See you guys in a couple weeks!!!!


MARCH 31, 2018                            DOUBLE DIGITS    SPAWN CONTINUES

Another tough day for the ISF crew and our clients Steve and David Pinto along with Bob and Joe Coffin.  We did the best job we all could with the tough Spawning conditions and managed to put six In the bag for our efforts.  See you guys again soon, that means a lot to us when our clients want to come back and fish with us even after a tough day of fishing. It must the that they get to fish with Britney Spears all day.


Matt Dawson brought out the family and caught alot of fish...But most where "RATS" "Shakers" under size. And another day of alot of none biters due to the upcoming Spawn as well as signs of Spawning that was happening some time in and around our areas.
We had a mix up on the count so the Limit streak was ended.... Thanks you guys for fishing with us, and thanks for getting on the books early for our 2018 Fall/Winter Striper season. See you then!!!!!!


March 29, 2018         LIMITS             DOUBLE DIGITS                TOUGH PRE-SPAWN CONDITIONS

Bill Adkins Jr. of Selma Ca and his fishing partner Mark Roden hung in there with us with a day of tough fishing.
Our Lawrance was marking em good, but there was a lot of none biters as we were approaching the full moon and the first spawn of the season. But we did get em!!!!

MARCH 28 2018                      LIMITS in 35 minutes.

With a mix up on the part of our clients.....they thought it was on the 29th. What to do after waiting an hour to hear from them.
The ISF crew went catching!!!!

MARCH 27 2018                      LIMITS (CREW LIMITS) DOUBLE DIGITS

Awesome family ISE booked trip with the Kageta family.  What a great bunch of sticks. Grant, Travis(Jeff), Scott and little beast man Jack. “GOT EM”


March 26 2018                        LIMITS (CREW LIMITS) DOUBLE DIGITS

Rand George are big time ISF regulars but these are always special trips.  This was Rand’s eighth Birthday Trip in a row with ISF.
Happy Birthday!!!!!


MARCH 24 2018                     LIMITS (CREW LIMITS) DOUBLE DIGITS

What a great job this family did with us. Ralph, Kim, Bret and Connie. They have been wanting to get out with us the last couple years......And they finally did.  We don’t think it will be that long before they come out again!!!



Michael Begay and May Martin joined ISF for The first time and just knocked the back out of them. What you think guys???
Thanks again!!!!


MARCH 19 & 20,  2018                         LIMITS               DOUBLE DIGITS    BOTH DAYS

"DECK BOSS" Todd and ISF regular getting it done to stay on top of the fish to spell the Captain who was getting some last minute dental work done before heading off to Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge for the summer.  Thanks for holding it down out there, see you Friday!



MARCH 18, 2018                                                       WFO

With a day off early in the ISF schedule and the day before throwing us a curve ball, you just know Captain Mike wasn't let that happen twice in two days.  The ISF crew just put a beat down on the fish from start to finish working two locations for four hours straight......


MARCH 17, 2018                 LIMITS                         DOUBLE DIGITS

Trip number two was way slow, but still resulted in limits plus a couple more for our dock neighbors Joe and Sabrina Gallegos of Korth's Pirates' Lair Marina Isleton Ca. The muddy waters finally made it down from the North East Delta and put a little bump in the road but we still managed to catch some fish. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing these two out on the water in their own boat as well this year.
See you around neighbors. And as always thank you for supporting and representing the ISF "BRAND" on and off the water!!!!


MARCH 15, 2018                          LIMITS    DOUBLE DIGITS

Our first trip of the Spring 2018 was greeted with just downright nasty weather. WIND,RAIN,SUN,RAIN,WIND. It sure did not detour the boys from Nevada Reno who came over the hill and just put the boots to them.  James Endres, John Frankovich and Robert Ton'yauma who have been fishing and staying at B&W for over thirty years and wanted to come on out with ISF and see how we do it.  We taught them the "LIVE BAIT" drifting thing and now we are sure they are ready to go out and do it on their own.
Thanks you guys and we will see you on the water!!!!!!


DECEMBER 19, 2017               CAPTAIN"S DECISION......................................

Well ISF captain rolled the dice for greener pastures for Claude Malcocm and Dan Mafinelli. After a prior day of grinding out fish in somewhat cold and stained water and a terrible small slow midmorning outgoing tide that we were going to get. With that we knew there was clear water in the North East Delta and that we could come back in the afternoon to catch the better incoming tide. Well there was no fish North, but we did make it back for a couple hours to put in 3 keepers and 3 shakers to end the day. 
"So you think you can come out here and do this?"  "Good luck to you"



The Pecchenino family fished with ISF yet again, We think we have fished every family member and many generations of this family over the years.  This time Jim and Tim joined John out on the water.  Great job you guys and we will see you at the ISE show.
Thanks again!


DECEMBER 15, 2017              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Jim Scoggin was back out with us again and brought along Dwayne Middleton and Chad Campbell both of Rocklin Ca. We had a SLOOOOOOW morning, but once we had tide and we landed on em it was game on!!!! Thanks you guys.


DECEMBER 12, 2017              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)               DOUBLE  DIGITS

First time ISF clients Robert and Dave Meza came out to give us a shot.  I think they were hooked on their second drift with us. With a wide open bite that put in six keepers, (pictured) no we didn't box em and go in. ISF fishes you a full seven hours and then we will send you home with your limits. Thanks you two and we will see you at the ISE show and be sure to get you your dates you want for our Spring Striper run!


DECEMBER 10, 2017                     LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE  DIGITS

Welcome back Steven Belcher!  He crushed keeper after keeper all by himself. " HET Stevo there's another one hanging!!!!!!


DECEMBER 9, 2017           LIMITS             (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Mark Sheehy was at it again with ISF, all we could say was glad he had his sneakers on because he was busy busy running back and forth to bent rods all day.  Like we say "Less pigs more corn" and definitely DO NOT GET CAUGHT WITH A ROD IN YOUR HAND!!!!!!!
See you at the ISE show Mark.


DECEMBER 8, 2017                         LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

These two mystery guests had a blast.......We will post their names as soon as there is a winner on our FB page to win a ISF hat!!!!!



Mike Noonan's Tuesday trips have come to an end.........For the Fall/Winter season.  I'll let him tell it in his own words:

"Hello Capt. Mike,

After going fishing with you and Todd every Tuesday for the past month and a half I’m not sure what I will do (Tuesday) tomorrow morning.   By my count you guys put us on quality stripers every trip and I lost count of “keepers” at 175.  Most of those keepers were CPR’d but some did make it to the frying pan.  Delicious!  The largest was 23 pounds with several stripers double digit.  Like I mentioned, you guys have destroyed my interest in trout fishing.   There’s nothing better than catching an 18” striper not knowing whether it is 18” or 23 pounds until the drag rips off 50 yards of line.

On behalf of myself and all of the friends who came out with me, many thanks for you and Todd’s expertise and we just don’t know how you do it trip after trip.   I’ll be wringing my hands until our next adventure.

Merry Christmas to you, Todd, and your families."


DECEMBER 3, 2017                DOUBLE DIGITS............."RATS"

After recording well over one hundred keepers the prior three trips we "Fell of the pedals" We caught plenty of fish for the father son team from the Elk Grove Thundering Herd.  Tim Hudson out bid everyone at the "Dinner"  a fundraiser for the Elk Grove Football team that ISF donated for its 2017 dinner.  They had a great day of fishing together and did manage two keepers, one each and had a friendly competition on total fish.  Not sure who one as there were plenty of little guys just could not hunt down the keepers.

DECEMBER 1, 2017                LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                 DOUBLE DIGITS

It was just one of those days where every stop we made we landed on keepers. Jim Scoggin and Nick Kenourgios have fished with ISF many times but this one has to rank as one of their best trips ever. When your clients and the ISF crew have no idea how many keepers came over the rail....It was a good day.


NOVEMBER 29, 2017                    LIMITS

Great to have these guys back again with ISF  Bobby Gonzalez, Wayne Takahashi and Jason Sautel (pictured) with their double.
These guys just started fishing with ISF this Fall to learn the ropes on how we do it and have been going out on their own boats and getting it done.  I'm glad we could be a help to you guys and we look forward to seeing you guys both with us again as well out on the water.  TANK YOU!

NOVEMBER 28, 2017              LIMITS (CPR)            CREW LIMITS (CPR)   DOUBLE DIGITS  (CPR)

Well our Every Tuesday ISF regular Michael Noonan was back down the hill for more this time back with Russ and well we all know what happened.  Wide open action for these two. Doubles, triples, quadruple and one quindruple.  See you next Tuesday Michael!!!!!!


November 27, 2017                               LIMITS   DOUBLE DIGITS

Long time ISF reel repair specialist Marty Eck of Elk Grove Ca. brought along his fishing partner Jimmy Walker for a trip with ISF for everything Marty has done for ISF to keep all of our gear running top notch for over a decade.  These two fish together all the time and we decided to switch things up and target only big bitters, well we had a couple sissy bites on our "BIG" baits but no real takers.  It's ok we ended up providing them with their limits for the day.  And we did manage to get Marty to hold up one fish.


November 25, 2017               LIMITS            (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS            CIFFI DONTATED TRIP

Greg Hicks was nice enough to bid for a ISF donated trip to the California Inland Fishery Foundations annual dinner back in December 2016. He brought along his son Brian and his buddie Ryan best of El Dorado hills Ca. Their Spring 2016 trip was canceled due to bad weather and couldn't get out with us due to no available dates left on our books for our Spring Stripers. Well they got on the books for our Fall/Winter trips and told us they sure were not disappointed in the fishing experience after the long wait. Thank you so much you guys.


NOVEMBER 24, 2017                   LIMITS    (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

The Scoggan family along with family friend Nick joined ISF for a little post-Thanksgiving fishing trip.  This was the first time for both Brandy and Byron Scoggan to join their Dad for one of his trips.  They all had a blast!!!!!!  See you guys again on the December 1st.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017                  LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Art Bowman and Eugene both of Modesto Ca.  Art has fished with ISF before and is our dock mate at Korth's Pirates' Lair marina.  He is a great striper fishermen in his own right but since his first trip with ISF he is doing a little more "Live Bait Drifting"  Now with one more quick lesson in the books.......We will see you out there Art!!!!!!


MOVEMBER 21, 2017                 LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Another Mike Noonan Tuesday trip is in the books. Mike brought along Mark Stenberg of Martinez Ca. on this one.  And as always the case with Michaels trips 'They got em"  See you next Tuesday Michael!!!!


NOVEMBER 20, 2017                   LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

The Men of the Pecchenino family were out for there one of two annual Fall/Winter trips with ISF.  We call it the "men" trip as the Pecchenino women do their own trips with ISF.  Thanks John and we will see you guys in a couple weeks.



NOVEMBER 19, 2017               LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Mark Sheehy of Sacramento Ca. Mark has been a ISF client since day one and has been a little under the weather the last couple years.  But he was back on point and put the boots to em on his own one man personal charter.  Glad you back my man!!!!!


NOVEMBER 18, 2017          LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Les Normart and Kirk Wilyman both of Fresno Ca. came out with ISF a couple weeks ago for the first time.  There hooked because they were back on board "Miss Intimidator" again.  How good is the bite? Check out this fish we hooked twice in 10 minutes.  They are really starting to get there feed bag on.  Thank you so much you guys it means a lot to us.


NOVEMBER 17, 2017                           LIMITS        (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Bryan Hofmann of Modesto Ca. brought along brothers Dillon and David Franklin of Petaluma Ca. What a great bunch of guys to fish.
Thanks you guys!!

Hey Captain Mike,

 Just wanted to thank you and Todd for a really enjoyable day. You two really make a fishing trip a memorable event and wanted to pass along my appreciation for your hospitality.

Thanks again


November 15, 2017                 LIMITS   (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS                 (JUST A TABLE SHOT)

Mary Powell and John Cole of Winters fish with us year after year to take home some white meat to fill the freezers.  Mission accomplished boys, now before anyone gets fired up.  There was a ton of keepers that made it through the ISF KILL ZONE.  We had to many doubles to count.  To many triples to count, to many Quadruples, to many Quintuplets and yes two Sextuplets.  We had two stops that you could call "BIBLICAL" .

November 14, 2017               LIMITS     (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS  ALL FISH CPR

Its ISF'S Tuesday guy Michael Noonan of Cold Springs this time with Russ Mc Callum.  And yes they put the boots to them.  It's all about their laid back attitude that has always paid back with some great fishing experiences.  See you next Tuesday Michael!



NO PICTURES......................... Thank you Joyce Lonero and Wes Snyder and we will see you guys in the Spring.
We can't believe with all the fish we all caught on this trip someone would have got at least one picture??????

NOVEMBER 12, 2017                    LIMITS               DOUBLE DIGITS

The Ferro's joined us yet again for the Fall/Winter trip and eleven year old Anderson was the day's high liner.  Thanks Mike and Todd for fishing with ISF yet again and we will see you guys at the 2018 Sacramento ISE show.


November 11, 2017               PRO DELTA DAYS

Thank you to John Sherman and the great companies of Simms, Costa Del Mar and Yeti for letting ISF be a part of such a great event.
You just don't know who you might run into??????  Great hanging out with the host of Ultimate Bass radio show Mr. Kent Brown.
We had a blast and look forward to doing again next year.

NOVEMBER 11, 2017                    LIMITS        (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS                  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED

We think this was the seventh year in a row we had the honor of fishing Mr. Rand George of Rio Vista on veterans Day.  These guys Le Roy, Steve and Pat are nonstop banter back-and-forth. Never a dull moment and tons of laughs.  See you all soon.



November 10, 2017               LIMITS   (CREW LIMITS)  DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Father and son Frank and Eric Houk.  They fished with us last Spring and tell us they are now hooked on ISF.  Thank you guys and as always thanks for flying the "ISF Brand".

NOVEMBER 9, 2017           LIMITS          (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Mark Clark of Jamestown Ca. he fished with some buddy's last time out with ISF.  Not this Fall he brought along his lovely wife Diann and these two had the best day fishing together.  What a treat to watch husband and wife have such a great time fishing together.  Priceless!  And we will see you two in the Spring.


NOVEMBER 8, 2017                LIMITS          (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

Yet another annual Fall/Winter trip for Jody and Cheryl Way.  They have fished with ISF twice a year for five straight years and we thank you.  THANK YOU!

NOVEMBER 7, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

It's our Tuesday client for the month of November and into December Mike Noonan of Cold Springs Ca. He brought longtime friend Steve Sowers of Grass Valley and well how it always goes when Mike's on board. They got em good.  Thanks Michael and we will see you next Tuesday!


November 4, 2017                      LIMITS        (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

More ISF regulars Jody Way and Mitch Gregory brought along Matt for Mitch and Matts Birthday trip.  It means allot when folks want to spend their Birthday with ISF.  Great times you guys great times.

November 3, 2017                        DOUBLE DIGITS   GREAT FUN

What an awesome trip this one was, I have known all of these guys for over 30 years and haven't hung out with all of them in 20 years. Although the number keeper fish didn't make it over the rail, they would have just made the trip a bonus. It was all about sharing stories and memories with old friends and making some new ones. As we said our good byes it was clear they plan on making it an annual trip with us. Thank you to Aaron Jerome of Pleasant Grove Ca. for putting the trip together for Jim, Craig, Greg and Terry.


November 2, 2017                   LIMITS        DOUBLE DIGITS  AND SOME GOODERS

Long time ISF client Bob Parks of Winters Ca.  brought along another ISF regular in Jeff Gredris and two first timers John Kirby and Ed Jansen. These got got it done after a little searching the first half of the trip. But when we got on em they didn't disappoint. Great job you guys and we will see you in the Spring!!



OCTOBER 31, 2017                     HAPPY HOLLOWEEN           LIMITS RELEASED         (CREW FISH RELEASED)          DOUBLE DIGITS

Talk about some ISF regulars Mike Noonan has been with ISF since almost day one,  but has been with ISF since our first year of operation so that would make it eleven years. Mike fish's with ISF twelve times a year and has brought along family members Mel and Craig on many of his trips over the years. These guys have put in there time with us and our always awarded with great trips. It's just there karma and there feel good Aura that is contagious to the boat and it always seems to happen for them. This days big fish honors went to Mel with his 20lb plus fish CPR. They caught and released keepers and shakers and even took some of the smaller keepers home for dinner, but only five. Great job you guys!!!!!  Michael we will see you every Tuesday for the next five weeks.


October 28, 2017                         DOUBLE DIGITS                                  ALMOST LIMITS 5 JUST COULDN’T FIND THE DEVIL FISH

Our Southern Comfort birth dock neighbor Chris Cyr of Manteca Ca. just couldn’t take seeing us coming by for the last two years he’s been birthed at Korth’s and just had to jump on board.  He brought along another Korth resident in John Keefhaver also of Manteca Ca. along with Ron Martinez of Stockton.  They caught a ton of “RATS” along with five keepers to end yet another hot unseasonable warm October day.  They said that they had been on a few other guided trips in the Delta and that we ranked number one in their eyes.  Thanks allot you guys that means a ton to us for such high praise on such a slow day fishing.  And yes we will see guys again this year for your trip December 8th that you booked the next day.  (Sorry no pictures, they said they would wait for a limit shot)

October 27, 2017                  LIMITS                  DOUBLE DIGITS

Less and Kirk fished with ISF for their first time and even in the hot tuff conditions they got it done. They want to come back out when the big ones are biting.........Keep check out the web site and if you see a trend you like and maybe just maybe we will have an open date for you two to get back on.


October 26, 2017               LIMITS                  DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike Evert and Tom Hargis have fished with ISF for over a decade and we thank you. These two CPR all there fish except for two small keepers for Tom's dinner plate. Big fish went 10 and 12 pounds. We have loved fishing with these with guys over the years and we look forward to many more.


October 25, 2017                     LIMITS     (EARLY)              DOUBLE DIGITS

With a 'We have get it done early" and stay away from the terrible heat and early afternoon cruddy tide. Leave to a great bunch of Fireman(not pictured) to help ISF make it happen. They were great learners on how to get em with such a tuff bite. They got it all done by 10:00am. Thanks Jason,wayne, Bobby and Mike and we will see you all again November 29th.


October 24, 2017                 DOUBLE DIGITS                   HEAT WAVE COUNTINUES

What a truly amazing two Gentleman these two are. Friends and fishing partners for over forty years. Mort Cohen and Thelton Henderson both of Berkeley Ca. were awesome. These two have fished all over the world, and told us at the end of the day that it was one of the best trips they had ever had. It was a late start to the day and we fished in the heat of the day with zero wind and or breeze. But the stories and lives these two guys have lived.....WOW It has to be one of the most enjoyable bad day of fishing days ever. We look forward to seeing you guys once again under different weather and fishing conditions.

October 23, 2017                DOUBLE DIGITS               HEAT COUNTINUES

Aurelie Moinet and Jan Mullen of Sacramento brought along Sue Lindh (not pictured)  came out for a seven hour on the water seminar.
We meet these ladies at a Thursday night ISF seminar at the Sacramento Fishermen's warehouse this year. All they wanted to do was come out and gather as much information as they could and it was a full day of questions and answers. Once again we caught plenty of fish mostly 'Rats" to go along with four keepers. But you know ISF hooked them up big time with some Captain Steve's Lodge Alaskan halibut. They stated that the fish where only a bonus on this day and stated that the knowledge that they received was invaluable to all of them. This truly means allot to us and we look forward to your net trip with ISF as well as seeing you guys out at korth's on your own.  Thank you!!!

October 22, 2017                    "THE START OF THE HEAT WAVE"    

With the days of HOT weather returning to the Delta and the water temps starting to climb the bite was tough. They only caught three keepers and a ton of Rats, but you know the crew of ISF took care of filling there cooler with a little Captain Steve's Lodge Alaskan halibut to make up the loss difference.  What a great Father son trip this was even in the tough conditions. This was their second annual trip to the Delta with ISF and a tradition they intend to continue with us. Thanks to Brian Anderson and son Ian of Scots valley Ca. and Jeff Castro and Ben of San Rafael Ca.  We look forward to seeing you guys next year.

October 21, 2017                          LIMITS            (CREW FISH)           DOUBLE DIGITS

Happy Birthday Mr. Tim Bridges of Roseville Ca. Tim has fished with ISF for a couple years now and we are very humbled and honor to fish him on such a special day. He brought along Ralph and Mark to share in a great fishing trip.


October 19, 2017                   LIMITS         (CREW FISH)            DOUBLE DIGITS

The boys from Hanford California came onboard "Miss Intimidator" for their first time thanks to Mr. Nelson Money. Nelson was feeling a little under the weather so he sent Greg, Steve, Tom, Nat and Jerry out and they just had a blast. The winds came up big time in the early afternoon but they put the boots to them and got us all off the water by Noon.


October 18, 2017              LIMITS                  DOUBLE DIGITS

Eric Houk and dad Frank came out with us once again and fought through some smoking hot conditions and a ton of "Rats" "Shakers" under size fish but finally got it done in extra innings for big rewards. Thanks you and we will see you guys back in a couple weeks!!!!

October 13 & 15, 2017                LIMITS                (CREW FISH)             DOUBLE DIGITS

The 10/13/17 & 10/14/17 trips were postponed due to high winds, 10/15/17, so we were supposed to fish the 13, 14 but we ended up fishing the 13 and 15

The tradition of fishing the Rio Vista derby with Rand George and buddies Leroy Gains and Steve Freeman continued again this year for ISF. It was like the 6th or 7th year of this annual trip for Rand George. Although we didn't land anything to get em on the board this year and was a great time and we caught a ton of fish each day and took some for the table as well.
Thanks again you guys and we will see you all again next year!


October 7, 2017               LIMITS                      DOUBLE DIGITS

Moregn Lodge has been fishing with ISF for years and we have herd  a lot about his family. Well this time Mary and son Clayton came aboard and made it a awesome family trip. By the end of the trip Clayton was working the back of the boat like a veteran deck hand while putting in Striper after Striper over the rail. We look forward to fishing with this young men for years to come. "Tug is the drug"  "Get kids hooked on fishing not on drugs"


October 6, 2017                   LIMITS               DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regulars Mitch and Jody flying the brand and getting it done on the sticks. Thanks you guys, see you again in a couple weeks!


October 5, 2017                    LIMITS (STRIPERS)          DOUBLE DIGITS SALMON

The great Striper/Salmon trips continued for Roman of Isleton Ca. who scored limits of Stripers and went 1 for 3 hook ups spooning for Salmon. The fishing will only continue to get better as the Fall/Winter conditions should be here any day?


October 4, 2017                   Striper limits before 8:00am all CPR

Chuck sneaked back out with ISF in the early morning before his trip with clients in the afternoon.

October 3, 2017           LIMITS of Stripers (CPR)         3 Salmon

Our Salmon/Striper Combo trip with Rock Star/Professional Fishing guide Chuck Reagan was a success. Thanks Chuck and we look forward to many more days spent together both on and off the water on "Miss Intimidator" and aboard 'The Southern Comfort".


September 30, 2017               Striper/Salmon R&D trip

September 26, 2017           LIMITS            DOUBLE DIGITS

Intimidator Sportfishing getting it done both on the troll as well as getting them throwing swimbaits.  All fish CPR.


September 11, 2017

ISF regulars Marty and John just needed to take a break from there busy work loads and jump on board.  The fishing was tough and we ended the day with only 3 keepers a ton of “Rats”  But you know ISF wouldn’t let them go home to light in the cooler and through in some halibut steaks fresh from Captain Steve’s Fishing lodge.  Thank you guys and we will see you in a month!!!!

September 10, 2017                        LIMITS                                DOUBLE DIGITS

One of ISF’S favorite types of trips are the Parents bringing out the kids. In this case it was a Farther and Son trip as Dave wanted to get Justin out to fish before heading off to college.  As always a great trip.


September 9, 2017                   LIMITS                           DOUBLE DIGITS

Well we started our 2017 Fall/Winter Striper season where we left off in the Spring with limits for all four of our anglers.
The guys from Adobe Lumber joined us once again for a great outing.  Thanks for helping us kick off our season!!!!!!

August 27, 2017-------September 4, 2017                   OUR SECOUND TRIP TO ALASKA

After being asked by the entire Smith family fish clan to come to Captain Steve’s Fishing Lodge for a possible job opportunity what was Capt. Mike to do?  Or should we say an opportunity of a life time job.  GO.
And we did, and we are very humbled and excited to say we have accepted the job and will be spending our summer months May 25th through September 30th in Ninilchik Alaska.  From our family to everyone in the Smith family and to the whole crew at the lodge thank you for treating us like family.  We will see you all next summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As always a blast to fish with the Smiths.  Thanks for yet another epic trip!!!!!


Our first ever fly fishing trip was AWESOME as we drifted the beautiful Yuba river.


July 9, 2017 ------------July 21, 2017

Our first ever trip to Alaska did not disappoint as it was very aspirant that Capt. Mike would be coming back very soon.
Although the fit was not right for Captain Mike Alaska is truly the land of opportunity and as the door closed on this first adventure another door was quickly opening.  I would like to thank Steve Huber and the staff of fish the Nush for having us up.


June 3 & 4,  2017               LIMITS                             DOUBLE DIGITS         (Billy Bass)

Our last weekend before we pulled "Miss Intimidator".



MAY 26,27,28, 2017                            Memorial Day weekend                           ISF Vacation starts

It was a great Spring Season and we would like to take this moment to thank all of our great clients who took their time and money to fish with ISF.  There are a bunch of you who fish with us season after season and year after year thank you.  There were the new clients who fished with us this Spring for the first time and we thank you.  Once again we would like to thank all of you for coming out with ISF without your support there would be no ISF.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MAY 25, 2017                           LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS              LAST SPRING TRIP OF THE YEAR

Eric Houk and dad Frank told us they have fished with allot of guides over the years.
This year at the 2017 Sacramento ISE they decided to give us a shot and brought along there ISF gear they had purchased along with putting down a deposit for their trip.  They informed us that by far it was there best ever fishing experience ever !


MAY 24, 2017                  LIMITS              (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS

With their second Spring trip of the year and Russell making it this time after over sleeping for the first trip.  Marty and John once again do what they have always done with ISF get it done!!!!!!


MAY 23, 2017                 LIMITS     (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike and Tolan always book with us at the Sacramento ISE show and always, yes always come out and put the boots to them.
They did it again, see you two for our 2017  Fall/winter season.


MAY 22, 2017                LIMITS         (CREW LIMITS)      DOUBLE DIGITS

After picking up our card at my brothers place New Romeo's Bait and Tackle Wesley Snyder and Joyce Lonero both of Sacramento decided to come out with us.  These two put the boots to them and got ISF back on track.  Thanks you two and we will see both of you for our Fall/Winter season November 13th.


May 21, 2017                   JUST COULDN’T LOCATE EM           (LIMIT STREAK BROKEN)

After booking with ISF  almost four years ago at the Sacramento ISE show.  The guys from Stockton Ca.  Phil, Mason, James and James finally made it out with us.  We just couldn’t locate the fish for these guys and we could only manage two keepers along with a bunch of Rats.  Sorry you guys waited so long for that kind of result.  See you guys at the 2018 ISE.

MAY 20, 2017                    LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)               DOUBLE DIGITS

Ralph Colin and Jay Clark stopped by multiple times at our booth (3220C) at the 2017 Sacramento ISE show.  After allot of shopping around for a Striper guide service to book with they decide to book with ISF.  What do you guys think?  We look forward to fishing you guys again.  Thanks for a giving us a shot!


MAY 19, 2017                 LIMITS                         DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Surge Electric company team building trip.  These guys always have a great time with ISF.  We will see you guys for our 2017 Fall/Winter season.


MAY 18, 2017              LIMITS                      (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

First time ISF clients Nelson and Jolene Vineyard of Vacaville Ca. decided to give us a shot. I hope you guys had a great time.


May 17, 2017           LIMITS            (CREW LIMITS)        DOUBLE DIGITS

Always a real fun trip with these three family members. Cindy wins again you two. There's always this fall for Ted and Lloyd to dethrone her.

May 16, 2017                   LIMITS            (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Tim, Ralph and Mike. Thanks again for coming out with ISF and we will see you guys in the Fall!!!!

May 15, 2017                  LIMITS                   DOUBLE DIGITS

Michael and Russell's last Spring trip with us. We will see you guys soon for our Fall/Winter season. Thanks you two!!!!

May, 13 2017          LIMITS                       DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike and Russ back on em again!  See you guys Monday.


May 11 & 12, 2017                 OFF FOR THE FULL MOON

ISF takes off the Full Moon cycles in the Springtime for our Stripers.      BOOM    BOOM

MAY 10, 2017                LIMITS      (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS             ALL FISH CPR

ISF regulars Michael Noonan and Russ McCallum did it once again, we will see you guys on the 13th and 15th.



May 9, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regular Jody Way of Ione Ca. brought along cousin Ryan after wife Cheryl fell sick day of.  Sorry Cheryl, congrats Ryan.

May 8, 2017               LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)          DOUBLE DIGITS

The Pilkington family of Gary, Leslie and son Michael have been a staple at the Sacramento ISE show and have been wanting to fish with ISF for years.  Well they pulled the trigger at this year's 2017 ISE show.  Well? We think we will just let the pictures stand for themselves.



May 7, 2017             LIMITS                                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Brandon and Darci Peck of Magalia Ca. came down for Darci's Birthday. It means allot to us that you two spent it with ISF. Your ISF Hoodies will be on their way!!!!!!

May, 6, 2017             LIMITS                          DOUBLE DIGITS

Drive Line services crew # 2 for their yearly trip with ISF although they didn't beat crew # 1 this year there is always next year.
As Rodney would say FU%# YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May, 5 2017               LIMITS                                  DOUBLE  DIGITS

The Aquamatic Fire Protection Inc. Folk's (Not pictured) they couldn’t resist the Korth's café. The team building day was a success.


May 4, 2017            LIMITS        (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

The crew of Albert Rossini, Giuseppe Rossini along with John Peccchenino came out to fish with us yet again.
They got it done…………………………………..They said no pictures would be necessary.

May, 3 2017             LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                           DOUBLE DIGITS

New ISF regulars Paul Bolnik and Gilbert Khachadourian of El Macero Ca. brought along Gilbert’s daughter Kasania for yet another great trip with us.  Great job you guys.



May 2, 2017              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

 Well look who was out again with ISF the Bledsaw's of Tracy Ca. Dan and Malinda.  We will just let the pictures tell the story.



MAY 1, 2017                       TRIP CANCELED DUE TO WIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 30, 2017                     DOUBLE DIGITS

Our Limit streak was broken, but the Annual  Mizuno trip with ISF was yet another great success.  It's all about time on the water with family and friends and to have three generations of Mizuno's on board all at the same time, awesome.  See you all again next year!!!!!

April 29, 2017          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Longtime friends Eric and Teresa Alicia wanted to join ISF for a family trip with Eric's parents Joe & Ruth.  We Love doing family trips.


APRIL 28. 2017                 WIND      TRIP CANCELED     WIND

And this is why.


APRIL 27, 2017                     LIMITS    DOUBLE DIGITS

Mr. Nelsen Money of Grass Valley brought out some of his clients to fish with us once again.  This is his third season fishing with us and we always look forward to having he and his clients aboard.  Nelsen and the guys Steve, Mike and Larry helped us look good today.  Thank you!

APRIL 26, 2017             LIMITS                 (CREW LIMITS)            DOUBLE DIGITS           GIRLS RULE

The wives left the husbands at home and just put the boots to them.......Heels.  Great job ladies Susan Pecchenino, Jacqueline Beck and Joan Rosime.  And we will see your husbands next week and see you all again next year!!!


April 25,     2017                 LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)

Gary Hatlich kicked off his new retirement life along with Janice Lio both of Madera, Ca. They plan on doing a lot of fishing in the future.  We are glad we could get them started.

APRIL 24, 2017             TRIP CANCELED WIND

April, 23 2017                       LIMITS    DOUBLE DIGITS

We will just let the pictures do all the talking.  Thank you to Keith, Cindy, Kulton and Richard GIRLS RULE!!!!!



APRIL 22, 2017                LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back to Jim Scoggin and his employees of Drive Line Services Walter ,Robert, Armando and Joseph.  We missed having you and your crew out in 2016,  but they came back and really got it done.  We will see the rest of your guys in a couple weeks.



APRIL 21, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Robert Gragg of Stockton Ca. and Ed Jorgenson of Lodi Ca. brought along Dennis Frame and just put a smack down on the fish.
On the last stop of the day they got two Quad's a triple and three doubles for a total of 17 keepers in one spot.  Epic last stop.
Thanks again you guys.



APRIL 20, 2017                    LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)       DOUBLE DIGITS

Talk about a ISF regular Michael Noonan of Cold Springs Ca. has been with ISF since its earliest beginnings.  He probably books close to ten dates a year with us and for the we are truly humbled.  Craig Lemus and father Mel have joined Michael on many of these trips over the years.  THANK YOU GUYS!


APRIL 19, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

John Mc Queen and Timey Bitner and son Justin from San Jose Ca. where looking for a guide service a little closer to home and found us at this year's Sacramento ISE show.  They said they would give us a shot and see if this could maybe turn into annual trip with ISF.  Mission accomplished and we will see you guys again next April 19, 2018.  Thanks for giving us a shot!!!

April 18, 2017       STREAK BROKEN            DOUBLE  DIGITS.......................Lots of Rat's

Longtime client John Gould of Browns Valley Ca. brought out both his brothers David and Bruce from San Diego Ca.
They caught a ton of fish but the "Devil" fish eluded us all day.  Thanks again you guys!

APRIL 17, 2017                   LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regulars Marty Powell of Winters Ca. and John Cole also of Winters do what they always have done with ISF…..Put fish in the boat  (No pictures necessary) for these two.  Sorry you over slept Russell. 

April 16, 2017                      DAY OFF              EASTER

Happy Easter from Capt. Mike and Britney.

April 15, 2017              LIMITS     DOUBLE DIGITS

Michael Burke and LaCharles both of Elk Grove Ca.

April 14, 2017                 LIMITS  (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

Rick Weston of Elk Grove and Larry Davis of Woodland came out and a had a great day catching Stripers both Trolling and "Live Bait" .

April, 11,12,13, 2017

Scheduled days off for the full moon that the Stripers would have spawned on. Due to cooler water temps they didn't.

April 10, 2017                             LIMITS             DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back retired fishing guide Bill Goolsby and his crew Berry, Jack and Myron for Bill's  70th Birthday party trip and there third in a row with ISF.  We are humbled and very grateful that he would want to spend his Birthday's with us.  It's also "Deck Boss" Todd's Birthday as well and we kickoff the morning with singing happy Birthday to them both......
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!!



April 9, 2017                          LIMITS              (CREW LIITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

What a great group of guys. John, Vince from Novato and Dominic from Vacaville.  It was there first time with us, but sounds like not there last.  Thanks again you guys.

April 7 & 8, 2017

Trips canceled due to weather.

April 6, 2017                      LIMITS                 (CREW LIMITS)            DOUBLEB DIGITS

Whitey and the boys were back with ISF and just put a beat down on the Stripers!!!!!  These guys make Skeet Reese hook sets look like slow motion compared to these dudes.  They just get it done, swing away boys.


April 5, 2017                      LIMITS                  (CREW LIMITS)                             DOUBLE DIGITS

Mark Sheehy of Sacramento has been a ISF client since day one and this makes ten years fishing with us. He brought out a great guy Ben Bennefield  and had a great time. No pictures for these two, just bags of filets to go.  THANK YOU                     

April 4, 2017    

Deon Stein brought out his buddies Terry and Kevin or what should have been continued great action.  We just didn’t produce for them, all we could manage was three keepers and a bunch of “Rats” (shakers). We are very sorry you guys.

April 3, 2017                           LIMITS            DOUBLE DIGITS                WIND              WIND

Not even Wind could keep these group of guys from making ISF look good.  We had to go to the troll with our P-Line Predators to get em.......But they got em!  Thanks you guys.


APRIL 2, 2017                    LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

Now this family has always gotten it done with ISF and this trip would be no different. Little Man Anderson Ferro has grown up with us and has really turned into a great Stick and second mate to "Deck Boss" Todd in the back of the boat.  Thank you again you guys and we will see you all again for our Fall/Winter season.



Check out these great shots taken by a fellow Fly Fishing guide Maury Hatch of Hatch on a fly guide service.
He happened to be idling by us when Anderson Ferro was hooked up!!!!!


April 1, 2017                  LIMITS                (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

No April Fools for this group, things started a little slow to start there day but the afternoon bite was on Fire.

March 29, 2017                LIMITS        (CREW FISH)   DOBLE DIGITS

With a late scratch we gave two of ISF's regulars who were already on the books for their annual Spring trip in May a call to see if they wanted to jump in.  We explained what happened on the previous day and that the weather was going to be just fine.
Well they were glad we called and we were glad they answered. They just put the boots to them, and about their May trip......They keeping that date as well.  Thanks you two!



March 28, 2017                           WIND                  WIND                         WIND

Lynn Street and Hal Hillagmann have fished with us for years now always just the fellows and always back to back trips with ISF.
They decided to switch it up a little and brought the ladies out this year.  Well Mother Nature brought cold heavy winds on day one and it was a tuff bite for just three keepers and some Rats.  The trip really took the wind out of their sails and the decided to past on their second day with us.  So sorry you guys.

March 26, 2017                 LIMITS                (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DGITS

This made Rand's 6th Birthday trip in a row with ISF along with Bill once again.  We look forward to doing it again next year!


March 25, 2017                   LIMITS            CREW LIMITS        DOUBLE DIGITS

Well our first trip of 2017  was kicked off with our regulars Rand George, LeRoy Gaines and Steve Freeman.  Always a great time when these three get together!


March 21, 2017

R&D trips complete - Kicking off our 2017 Spring Striper season Sunday March 26th.




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